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Forgot saved FTP password?

posted Sep 29th 2011

If you use an FTP client that saves your password, you've probably forgotten that password. However, there's a way to find it out!

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Removing Apps from the Store

posted Jun 14th 2011

If you ever want to remove your application from Apple's App Store, it's a little trickier then just clicking "Remove App From Sale." The process is as follows:

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Current App Store review times

posted Jun 13th 2011

As of June 2011, the current App Store review time is about five days. I've seen this for the last few apps. So, be patient, and you'll get in!

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Using blocks to execute code a few microseconds in the future

posted Jun 11th 2011

Here's a neat alternative to using performSelector:withObject:afterDelay::

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